Suma Oils

Wood Cold Pressed Unrefined Oils

Our true traditional process retains all the nutrients, rich flavour and aroma of natural sun dried oil seeds.

Wood Cold Pressed Oils are extracted at less than 50°C Hence they don't have any Trans-Fat content (also known as bad cholesterol)

No Heating

Prevents Heart Diseases

Zero Trans-Fat

Fights Ageing

Non-Roasted Seeds

Increases Immunity

Zero Chemicals


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Suma Wood Cold Pressed Oils! Our range of cold-pressed oils are made with the finest large-sized seeds in US FDA approved wood & stone mills.

Modern Refined Oils vs Traditional Wood Cold Pressed Oils

  • Extracted using chemical solvents

  • Highly Processed and hydrogenated

  • Hydrogenation increases bad fats(Saturated & Trans Fats)

  • Naturally extracted with zero chemicals

  • Minimally processed at less than 50°C

  • Retains natural good fats (Polyunsaturated fatty acids & Monounsaturated fatty acids)

Here's what Doctors have to say about Cold Pressed Oils