Suma Oils

Wood Cold Pressed Unrefined Oils

Our true traditional process retains all the nutrients, rich flavour and aroma of natural sun dried oil seeds.

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Wood Cold Pressed Oils are extracted at less than 50°C Hence they don't have any Trans-Fat content (also known as bad cholesterol)

No Heating

Prevents Heart Diseases

Zero Trans-Fat

Fights Ageing

Non-Roasted Seeds

Increases Immunity

Zero Chemicals


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Suma Wood Cold Pressed Oils! Our range of cold-pressed oils are made with the finest large-sized seeds in US FDA approved wood & stone mills.

Modern Refined Oils vs Traditional Wood Cold Pressed Oils

  • Extracted using chemical solvents

  • Highly Processed and hydrogenated

  • Hydrogenation increases bad fats(Saturated & Trans Fats)

  • Naturally extracted with zero chemicals

  • Minimally processed at less than 50°C

  • Retains natural good fats (Polyunsaturated fatty acids & Monounsaturated fatty acids)

Here's what Doctors have to say about Cold Pressed Oils